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Oracle Virtualization Configuration

How to I configure Flexnet to count all virtualized environments, not just the VM / Host / Cluster where the software is installed. I am targeting Oracle Processor products. Thanks, Kelly
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@kelly_hoover - If you are referring to calculate Oracle Processor consumption across the entire vCenter, then FNMS does not have this capability.  This rule from Oracle is a bit of gray area and many of our larger customers have negotiated with Oracle to not follow this rule.

In order to have an FNMS license calculate license consumption across the entire vCenter, then you must Allocate all of the ESX Hosts within the vCenter to the license to force the consumption for the hosts in the other clusters.

Another option is to use the Oracle Consumption Summary by Partitioning Rule report.  This report is available in Flexera One ITAM and in FNMS On-Premises 2022 R1 (see attached).  For this report, it calculates your license consumption (and cost) taking into account different partitioning rules for Oracle products installed on VMware (at the ESX Host Level, at the Cluster level, at the vCenter level and across your entire VMware Estate.  This report shows the financial implication of licensing Oracle at different partitioning levels and potential savings with negotiation with Oracle as to what level to license your Oracle products on VMware.

To license at the Cluster level will cost 1.6M USD and consume 141 points.
To license at the vCenter level will cost 4.8M USD and consume 237 points.
To license at the VMware level will cost over 100M USD and consume 2316 points.

Possibly related to this is the following idea suggesting to add support for calculating Oracle processor license consumption when Oracle software is running in a VMware vSphere 5.1+ environment: ITAM-I-3: Oracle vSphere enhancements 

Please vote for this if it would be valuable for you!

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