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Oracle Premier Hardware and Software Support

Hi all,

Our customer cannot locate original purchase information with their Solaris entitlements - too long ago for them to find/reconstruct.

For us to build baseline entitlements for Solaris o/s in FNMS, the customer is asking us to use ordering docs from Oracle that show they purchased "Premier Hardware and Software Support".

Does anyone have experience with this issue, and how did they go about creating licenses from this information?  Are the entitlements limited to the physical hardware, or do the o/s entitlements then extend to any and all VMs and hosts residing on the hardware?

Thanks, David Mathias, NTT DATA Services

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I am not an expert on this topic, but it appears according to the links below that the Licensing Agreement for the Solaris OS is linked to the hardware that it was installed on.



@kclausen, thank you for your contribution; and I have shared it with my SAM team SME's.

My initial impression is that that entitlement would pertain to the original purchase transactions that I indicated the customer is unable to locate - so "baseline".

The situation I'm trying to understand is a combined Hardware and Software maintenance renewal "Oracle Premier Hardware and Software Support".  I am guessing that I need to (artificially) break this into a hardware maintenance transaction and a software maintenance transaction and then use our templates to load each separately into FNMS.  To do so, however, I'd like to have the T's and C's for the software portion of that transaction.  That's what I'm looking for - especially as it relates to virtualization and disaster recovery.

Best, dmathias

So, I have visited

I have asked my team to review the Oracle Practice Guide as well.  And, so far, they're not finding any guidance on the topic of the underlying Solaris licensing.

I think I'll go ahead and open a case at this point.  Thanks.

There are possibly a few ways to represent Oracle Premier Support within FNMS, attached is one such example.