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Oracle Database Options Usage Details

 When I look at the Oracle Instance Properties for a certain Instance, a number of Options is being displayed. For some of these options "used" is set to "yes". For these cases usage is being deifined based on "From inventory". 

When I select the "yes" as described above, a detailed pane becomes visible. In 1 case only 1 line appears with a yes, which confirms the option is being used or has been used. 

However, other sources confirm this specific option has been in use but it is over a year ago (last use date). Ever since the option was disabled. Also, in de detailed usage pane a date is visible on top of the screen. This date is almost a year in the past.

So, how do i interpret this information? And most important: Are historic values being represented and constitute a yes for usage? In this case, how can I prevent so and until what point in time in the past these values are taken into account? 

btw: for the specific application, usage values have been set to 3 months but since this is an Oracle Option I presume this value is being ignored. 

Thanks in advance! 


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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Matthias,

From what I can see, the date comes from the OracleFeature table. The value of ScanDate seems to be what you're decribing from the WebUi.

FROM Instance i
LEFT JOIN OracleFeature ofe
	ON i.InstanceID = ofe.InstanceID
LEFT JOIN OracleFeatureEvidence ofee
	ON ofe.OracleFeatureID = ofee.OracleFeatureID

However, I am not sure how ScanDate relates to AuditEvidenceDate.

Best regards,


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