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Old agent version on a working device


We have a high number of devices/agents that reports accordingly but are still on the older version of flexera, 2022 R1 , when at the moment we have 2022 R2 and planning to upgrade to 2023 R1.

We started investigating this, and at the moment we are waiting for the logs from 3 devices which reported on time but still with the old agent version.

Is this a common occurrence  or should I take some actions? We have a total of 7000+ devices, in which only 600+ are on older versions, a higher number reporting accordingly, where some did not report for a long time and are in queue for investigation.

Thank you.


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If it helps, I'm running on-prem FNMS 2022R1 and have agent versions 2016R1, 2017R3, 2021R1 and 2022R1 all reporting in without issues.  The older agents (all Linux) are all being upgraded over the next few weeks.


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

It is reasonably common to have a range of agent versions in use at any time, and as @mfeinman has indicated this will generally not cause a problem.

With that said, it is good practice to minimize the number of different versions in use, and standardize on a single [latest] version. So getting all active agents upgraded is a good objective to work towards.

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