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Missing Inventory device records from source FNMS agent

Hi All,

I face this issue more frequently, few devices with source from FNMS agent is reporting and then it's disappearing the following day or after a week. we do have a daily reconciliation and the inventory gathering will happen on a daily basis.

As per my understanding if a device with FNSM agent reported last week is powered off or not within the network for communication, then the compliance and inventory DB's should still hold the old inventory details and should display the same in UI until the next successful inventory gathering.

please suggest why this is happening and a solution.

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This is interesting. If agent inventories went missing, something must have removed them from the FNMSInventory DB. Are you sure there's no process triggering such removal?

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Thanks for replying.

Yes, I have validated and do not see any such tasks scheduled.

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Depending on your Infrastructure support and security rules, the devices may be getting removed from Active Directory. 

If device does not have inventory files coming in and you have integrated with Active Directory the computer will be removed from Inventory. 



Can you please assist me in checking the logs, upon validating which log I can confirm this issue?
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It may be easier for you to check the ActiveDirectoryComputer table in the Compliance database, i.e. whether these missing devices are still there.

If the missing devices are there you may want to create a support case to get assistance in troubleshooting the issue.


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@JohnSorensenDK  thanks for your reply.


Based on your input I have verified the DB and figured the below.

I could see the details for the missing devices under ActiveDirectoryComputer table in the Compliance database and under computercn table under inventory database but the same is not available under compliancecomputer table. 


I have updated the same in the case as well.



Raghvuaran R

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did your query include a line similar to "and IAD.ComplianceConnectionID in (select ComplianceConnectionID from ComplianceConnection)"

It is needed in installations that have been around and have been upgraded and moved to new database servers over time. 

FNMS is not the best at cleaning up changed inventory sources and that piece is needed to make sure the data is actually current valid data. 

If it did, open a support ticket. 


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The log files are generic in information, and only report in overall numbers. They will not be of assistance to you for troubleshooting this type of issue.

How you troubleshoot is going to depend on your organizations security processes, applications available to you and access to the database.

By default Authenticated Users have access to Active Directory for the domain the account is in. If you have a user ID in the domain in question, the easiest user solution is to use PowerShell to query Active Directory for the computer. PowerShell is part of a standard desktop build and your credentials should let you get the information.

If you do not have an ID in the domain the computer is in, is there a service desk group you can ask?

Do you have direct read access to the compliance database? If yes, and you have SQL Server Management Studio installed try this query to find the computer:

SELECT IAD.[ComplianceConnectionID]
FROM [FNMP].[dbo].[ImportedActiveDirectoryComputer] IAD
where IAD.ComputerName = 'YOUR COMPUTER NAME HERE' and
IAD.ComplianceConnectionID in (select ComplianceConnectionID from ComplianceConnection)


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I tried executing your query and getting the attached error message.


Raghuvaran R

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That error is not from an SSMS Results or Notifications window, so I would suspect you are in the cloud. I would open a case with support. 

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No, the application and the beacons are hosted on-prem and devices that we are expecting to report is also from on-prem.

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