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Application recognition for user context installed software

Dear Community,

Last week, we tried to find evidences for a product that has been installed with users privileges. Unfortunately, FlexNet Agent and SCCM is in our case not able to gather evidences for this kind of applications with default configuration as the data is stored in the HKEY_USERS part of the registry and not inside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Are there any best practices on how to inventorre devices with these applications?

Thanks a lot


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I can see that you've outlined your needs through the auto-generated support case from this thread.

However, I also wanted to make you aware of the option to raise your needs through the newly introduced Ideas area of Flexera Community as this will also allow other community members to vote on it alongside other ideas and as such influence Flexera's prioritization of the ideas for its roadmap.


This Idea has also been raised under Idea number FNMEA-I-10, with the title "Uninstall installer evidence inventory data from HKCU registry hive"

Please vote for this Idea to increase its visibility.

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