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Migrating report configurations

Hi, We have upgraded and migrated our FlexNet Manager to another server. Is there any way we can import all the report configurations (Reports > Classic > Configurations) from the old server to the new server? Thanking in advance. Kalpana S Yadav
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Have you taken your databases with you, or did you start with fresh databases?

The table "ComplianceSavedSearch" does contain all the reports. On occasion, we do copy them from one DB to another manually. In some cases we even have scripts in place to automatically move reports from UAT to Prod. Please be aware that for some (custom) reports there might be dependencies, e.g. on Stored Procedures or ResourceStrings.

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@kalpana  - Based on your question, can I confirm that it is in reference to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications?



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yes, this is in reference to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications
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