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FNMS to Flexera One migration

Hi guys,

Is there a documentation for migrating FNMS (On-Prem) to Flexera One. I want migration checklist or documentation which helps me to take required backups of settings, configurations, etc.

Please help me with the above query.


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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi @Bharath099, we generally need a complete backup of the underlying FNMS database. @jdempsey can provide you with the finer details.

Thanks for your reply @mmarnell

It would be great if you can let us know on how existing configurations, general settings on FNMS UI, custom report settings that are there on FNMS (On-Prem) will be migrated to Flexera One or we should manually create all the custom report settings/configurations, general settings on FNMS UI , configurations.


We essentially take a full SQL backup of the on-prem database and restore it into Flexera One.  There are some transformative steps involved on our end (converting from single-tenant to multi-tenant schema, cleaning up old inventory and history records older than 90 days, consolidating data files if applicable, migrating operator accounts from Windows-based logins to email-based logins, and shrinking the database), but all important data and configurations are retained.  As for customizations, the only thing we remove are custom reports that use a SQL exec statement, as we don't allow custom code/stored procs to be run in Flexera One.  Since you won't have direct database access in Flexera One, you may need to refactor some things to leverage our available REST and SOAP APIs for data extraction.  Any business adapters that are running against the database will need to be modified to use a staging DB on the beacon.  These are all things that Flexera Services (or Flexera's partners) will review with you at the beginning of a migration engagement.  I'll email you a copy of the pre-migration checklist slides, but they may not be overly useful without the discussion that usually happens along with them during the planning and design workshop.

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