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Mail reports directly from FNMS to users/departments

We are implementing FNMS and we are pkanning to mail users and or departments directly from Flexnet Manager. Does anyone know if that is possible?
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Hi Chris,

For capabilities "out of the box", this can be achieved by using Flexera Analytics (Cognos) by developing reports that can be scheduled and distributed to recipients that are determined by the query in the reports.   It should be noted though that this is only possible today for on-prem instances of FNMS/Cognos.

Outside of Cognos, FNMS does not have native capabilities to send emails, but some implementations have utilised scripting such as powershell to send emails based on data extracted from FNMS.  For on-prem instances of FNMS the powershell could query the FNMS database directly, or you could use FNMS web API's to extract data and then have the script issue the emails.   

If you are using the FNMS cloud - to automate that fully you would need to go down the API path. It is not trivial, but your FNMS services team at Flexera or from your partner should be able to assist.


You may also want to talk a look at the following thread this is discussing a similar topic: Automated Report Delivery - FNMS Reports Index

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