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MSDN and MS Office Visio

How do you manage MSDN subscriptions when it comes to MS Visio licenses included with MSDN Vs. perpetual Office Visio licenses? Our scenario: We use MS Visio licensing on a per device basis. For developers, we assign MSDN subscriptions. Should the developer install Visio, it is picked up by discovery and added to Flexnet and calculated as a consumed license and counted against our perpetual Visio licenses. The result is an incorrect Visio consumed count. In a large environment such as ours, a wrong count could be problematic. 


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


If a) the dev users are assigned to their inventory devices (see Ownership tab) and b) the application (Visio) is correctly linked to the MSDN license (see Applications tab) and c) the license consumption order (for Visio) is set correctly (see Licenses tab), it should just work.

Regarding c), it should be set so that it consumes the MSDN (Named User) license first. This should the case if you use the default FNMS license priority.

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Also see the following thread which discusses a similar topic: Visual Studio / MSDN configuration

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One possible relevant thing here is that MSDN doesn't allow production use of Visio or Project. It used to years ago, but that bonus was removed in early 2013, I believe. Now if a user has MSDN Enterprise, they can perform testing or development using Visio and Project, but if they are using it for normal production work, that needs a regular commercial license.