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Inventory agent - data collected


Hopefully someone may be able help.

Trying to find a list/chart showing the data collected by the inventory agent.

If possible hardware and software but any help would be appreciated.


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Is there a more recent version of the document

FlexNet Inventory Agent Data Collection.pdf

As this is from 2018 I would expect that it should have been revised at some point?


Hi @Smitty986 ,

This article includes some updates around the Installer evidence.


I'm not aware of a more recent version of that document. I understand the context of that document is that it was prepared by an individual for a specific project several years ago, but it it not content that is maintained.

One other resource that may be helpful is the following, which includes a high level description of different types of data that the agent gathers: The big choice for gathering inventory: the FlexNet inventory agent or tool "XYZ"?

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