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Inventories not visible in compliance computer

Hi Team,

Inventories with NULL 'ComplianceComputerID' in "Imported Computer" table in compliace db are not present in "compliance computer" table and hence not visible in FNMS UI (All Inventory). How can we fix this issue. Let us know if there is any issue with writer/suggest any fix in DB.

PFA - log file (zip) for sample inventory with above case, .ndi file for one of the inventory with above case.

Looking forward for a solution on this import issue.



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

The inventory seems to be fine. Have you checked your FNMS license?

Delete entry from imported computer & reupload NDI. Then again check in IM DB & Imported computer.

Also let me know if this is happening with Azure devices.

Hi @durgeshsingh  Yes there are azure devices as well in ImportedComputer table with this issue.

@mfranz  we checked the license and it looks fine.

Same happened to my environment as well for azure. We have deleted record from DB & reuploaded NDi file in beacon.

Hi @durgeshsingh  Do we need to perform cleanup only in computer table (Inventory database) or from imported computer table (compliance db) as well ?



You won't find entry in compliance. So you can do cleanup from imported & IM.

As a test, I have cleanup few inventories (with NULL ComplianceComputerID) from Imported and IM. I will comeup with the results after reuploading .ndi.

By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hello @avi0408,

Can you please check within the compliance database the following: dbo.ImportedMissingComputer and join it with the ImportedComputer table via external ID and see if the IsTerminated column is equal to 1 for the following devices.

Thank you. 

Hello @kbryla 

I got a result for below query - 
FROM dbo.ImportedMissingComputer_MT imc
JOIN ImportedComputer_MT ic ON ic.ExternalID = imc.ExternalID
WHERE imc.IsTerminated = 1

but from this result 128 inventories are present in FNMS.

Hi @durgeshsingh , as discussed we got some azure inventories reporting in FNMS last week after cleanup, but now again they are not visible in FNMS.

Please help me if there is any other solution to fix this.




We are also planning to raise support case with flexera. It seems to bug in product.

@durgeshsingh any updates/root cause on community that this issue has been addressed in 2023R1 ?

When a Azure Virtual Machine is reported as Terminated or no longer present in the output of the Microsoft Azure connector, they'll be reported as Terminated in ImportedMissingComputer.

This would lead to the Inventory record being removed from ComplianceComputer - they are no longer an active Virtual Machine, and the Agent would not continue to report fresh Inventory.

Could you clarify whether these devices are reported as Terminated in that table?

It seems to be a bug in product as device which are going in this table are not reverting back when same device is coming back in running state in Azure.

Delete entry from imported computer & reupload NDI. Then again check in IM DB & Imported computer.

Hello @fraukzsent  we performed these steps and got some azure inventories in FNMS but they are removed again after further reconciliations.

By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hello @avi0408 ,

It should be safe to remove the devices from ImportedMissingComputer  as they would be recreated in the next import. After that, you should be able to see them in the UI because they are no longer set as Terminated. 

Hello @kbryla , we got the inventories back in FNMS after removing from importedmissingcomputer table. However, we still see the same issue of some inventories getting vanished from FNMS 'All inventory' after couple of reconciliations.

For some cases, we observed the devices ended in importedmissingComputer table with IsTerminated 0 value. We had deleted the entries for compliancrconnectionID = 7 with IsTerminated 1 and now amongst them some of the devices showed in  importedmissingComputer table with IsTerminated 0. Could you please tell us what is the significance of that?