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In FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2, can we add/import OS Build Version , Free Disk Space in the Inventory Data under?

By Anonymous
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Currently we are using FlexNet Manager Suite for the organisation for Software Asset Management mainly.

However, we would like to know that in FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2 if we can add or import the below items into Inventory Data / "All Inventories" :

1. OS Build Version (e.g. 1709, 1903, 1909 for Windows 10).

2. Free Disk Space of each system in the Inventory Data.

I checked inside FNMS. Was unable to find any suitable column/column header using "Choose Column" option. If you can please advise on this.


FYI : We are currently using SCCM to scan and populate the data inside Flexera.


Thanks and regards,


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Sourav,

You'll need a few things:

  1. An actual source for that data.
    I think, SCCM might have these details, but better make sure to double check before you invest time in this.

  2. A target (field) to populate the data to.
    As you mentioned, these fields do not exist by default. Adding custom fields is nicely explained in the System Reference Part 1.

  3. A Business Import import to update.
    Using a Business Import, you should be able to update your custom fields. You'll need to grab the data from SCCM directly, may stage it in an extra step.

This works for FNMS on-prem. I believe, you can get custom fields in FNMS Cloud as well, haven't tested this.

Best regards,


Hi Sourav,

As you are working with the on-prem version of FNMS: Yes you can.

Both the Windows OS Build Version as well as the Free Disk Space is being collected by SCCM and can be pulled from the SCCM database.

There is a number of steps to be performed though:

  • Create two custom fields (type: Numeric) on the Computer (Inventory) object as described in the first chapter "Adding Custom Properties" in the FNMS System Reference documentation. This sort of customization will be preserved when FNMS is upgraded to a newer release.
  • Customize the Microsoft SCCM (SMS) Reader and the general Writer for computer properties to populate the two custom fields that you created in the previous step with the additional Inventory properties that you collected from the SCCM database.

The challenging part is populating the custom properties using SQL. For the Reader part, you would do some enhancements to the SQL code in the "Computer.xml" file that can be found in the "\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\SMS" folder on your FNMS Inventory server.