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IBM Cognos SSO Flow

 I have recently upgraded to FNMS 2022 R2 and made the necessary changes to the SAML  to sustainsys.saml2 in webui.config . I am pleased to inform you that after the configuration, it is currently working fine with Okta.

However, we are currently encountering issues with IBM Cognos SSO. Unfortunately, the documentation regarding this matter is not very clear, making it difficult for us to troubleshoot the issue effectively.

I was hoping that someone could provide us with guidance on the SSO flow specifically for IBM Cognos. Currently, the SAML request for Cognos is being initiated by the FNMS, and the SAML response is also consumed by FNMS. Afterward, it is redirecting to FNMS itself.

Moreover, we have noticed that the Assertion URL generated by FNMS for Cognos is different. We would appreciate it if someone could provide us with more clarity on the flow to assist us in troubleshooting.

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I can see that you got this resolved through Flexera Support by changing the subdomains in the SAML settings for Cognos to /Saml2/Acs and then reflecting this in the web.config on the Cognos sever.

Do you see a need for further clarification in step 6 of Configuring FlexNet Manager Suite as a SAML Service Provider ?