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How to view network ID and Country for user under FNMS Dashboard (Discovery & Inventory)

We are unable to get user network ID and country information under FNMS Dashboard (Discovery and Inventory). We need this information available in FNMS which will help us in preparing for Windows 10 migration project and other activities. The current information is good but does not provide any meaning. We have to migrate over 7000 machine and produce reports on monthly basis.
I have attached the active directory screenshot for the two fields which we are looking for. As I understand FNMS is already integrated with AD so this particular information should be available.

Product Name: FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises
Product Version: FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2

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Hi rahmanax,

That is only partially true, unfortunately.

The standard interface from FNMS into Active Directory (AD) will only import the "Full name" (CN), "Account name" (SAMAccountName) and Windows Domain user properties from AD. Any additional user properties like "countryCode" need to be added using a Business Adapter.

It looks as if the "Employee ID" field shown in your screenshot is a not a standard user property in AD, but this will not matter for import. The field "Employee ID" does exist as a user property in FNMS.

The topic of building a Business Adapter (MGSBI) for pulling additional user properties from AD has been discussed recently in this forum, like Multiple-AD-Integration and FNMS-Cloud-integration-with-Active-Directory.

Talking about reporting, only the "Location" field can be displayed in the "Enterprise > Users > All Users" view by default. Getting a report on users that includes a column for both the "countryCode" as well as  for the "Employee ID" field would require some additional customization.

As you are using the on-premises version of FNMS, you can build a report based on SQL and expose it to the FNMS Web UI. Flexera services or a qualified Flexera business partner should be able to help you with that.

Thank you for the details. Will see what we have to do to make it working. I can see in FNMS the information of employee ID and cost center under all users. 

The correct product name is : FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud Production