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Agent schedule not picked up | Reporting inconsistency | Mac platform

Hello Dear Community,

With reference to the following KBA -


Flexnet Manager Suite SaaS platform

Agent platform - Mac environment 


Agent is not reporting daily - intermittent reporting 

Agent is not generating the tracker.log ( the ndtrack -t machine command needs to set up explicitly to invoke the binary) doesn't occur automatically

I have a concern or question around the agent schedule not being picked up by the agent installed on a mac device.

My first question is - Do we need to have the managesoft_rollout_response file prepared for Mac platform as well? I only did it for the UNIX platform when dealing with the rpm and bff packages. May be that's why the agent wasn't able to download it's initial policy from the beacon for daily schedule and reporting and hence the inconsistency in reporting daily. 

My last question is - The reason why I did not work with the response file was - Our Mac engineer uses some method of packaging through JAMF to roll out agents and on one of the steps the GUI asks for the upload and download locations for the agent - which is our beacon server FQDN. I was of the view that this would suffice and the response file wouldn't be needed.


I would certainly appreciate your opinion and thoughts on this.


Thank you

Abhilash M

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

One additional thing to think about is that if you are running HTTPS beacons only, then secure that the certificates on those servers supports the new MacOSx Catalina requirements. They have set some rules on maximum life time, SAN-attribute and a security attribute. 

We are running a JAMF setup for MAC, you need to have the answering file in place before running the installation package. This can easily be resolved in JAMF by a pre-installation script.

You could also have post-installation scripts for setting special parameters which the answering file has limitations with. In this post you will se an example how to create that script, do similair with pre-installation script

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