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How to integrate FNMS cloud2019 with Azure ad as Identity provider

Hi Forum,

We have a requirement to implement FNMS cloud 2019 with Auzre AD as the SSO, wondering if anyone tried this and guide me with the steps and Pre-requisites to follow and pro's and Con's if any.

Appreciate your help in advance



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You can find information about configuring SSO (using either SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0) of FlexNet Cloud in the "Authentication" chapter of the FlexNet Manager Suite System Reference (Cloud) guide.

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hi @ChrisG  thank you for guiding me with the Guide,

Just looking for the implementer's to share their experiences and the right approach



Hi Members,

wondering if any one tried the above and need your help.


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Hi winvarma,

Did you received feedback from anyone? We are looking to implement the same integration.

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Hi @clugo1 ,

i didn't get any inputs as of now and update if any.




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