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How do we update the FlexNet Agent on Unix/Linux?


One of our customers is asking us to update the FlexNet agent installed on their servers. but seems no one has done this before. how do we update the agent on Unix and Linux servers? below is current  version. thank you.


# rpm -qa | grep -i managesoft


:root]/ # lslpp -l | grep -i managesoft
managesoft.rte COMMITTED ManageSoft Unix Managed Device


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You can enable auto upgrade option & agent shall take upgrade policy & shall upgrade automatically. If you are going for manual then old version must be remove & new version can install.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The simplest approach to upgrading agents is generally to select the agent version you want installed in the "Inventory agent for automatic deployment" section on the "Inventory Settings" page, and allow agents to upgrade themselves:


If you want to upgrade the agent installations yourself (for example, if you need additional control), check out the following page for command lines to use on Unix-like operating systems to install/upgrade agents: Agent Third-Party Deployment: Installing FlexNet inventory agent on UNIX.

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