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Flexnet inventory Agent adoption giving error



We are planning adoption strategy for agent deployment however getting below error 


<TaskStatus Result="Failed" StartDateTime="2022-06-03T15:07:43" Type="Adoption" Status="RemoteExecutionFailed" Duration="51.01">
<Step Result="Failed" Type="RPCCommand" Status="RPCStartServiceFailed" Duration="51.01" Credential="GCP-admin-domain">
<CommandLine>\\Beaconserver\mgsRET$\Adoption\ndinstlr.exe -r &quot;https://Beaconserver/ManageSoftDL/Packages/Flexera/Adoption/18.0.0/Rev1.0/Managed%20Device%20Adoption/Managed%20Device%20Adoption.osd&quot; -o DeployServerURL=&quot;https://Beaconserver/ManageSoftDL&quot; -o MsiInstallArgs=&quot;/L*v ManageSoft.msi.log DEPLOYSERVERURL=\&quot;https://Beaconserver/ManageSoftDL\&quot; ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress POLICYSOURCE=Server INSTALLMACHINEPOLICY=1 POLICYARGS=\&quot;-o InstallDefaultSchedule=TRUE -o UserInteractionLevel=Quiet\&quot;&quot; -o INSTALLMACHINEPOLICY=&quot;1&quot;</CommandLine>
<Parameter Index="0">\\Beaconserver\mgsRET$\mgsreservice.exe</Parameter>
<Parameter Index="1">mgs-{3E51D0AC-6900-4819-8346-52A3727EAFE1}</Parameter>
<LastError Result="2">The system cannot find the file specified.

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Things to test:

  • Is the name 'Beaconserver' resolved to the correct IP address from the computer(s) where you are trying to deploy the agent?

You can test by opening the URL 'https://Beaconserver' in a browser on the target computer(s). You should see the IIS home page, and there should not be any certificate error shown in the browser.

  • Can you open the UNC path \Beaconserver\mgsRET$ in Windows explorer on the target computer(s)? You should see a the contents of a file share on the Beacon containing the 'mgsreservice.exe' and two subfolders.

Thanks Team,

First point is clear & working. Second point port 445 is not allowed from target computer.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The "The system cannot find the file specified" error suggests that the SYSTEM account on the target computer is unable to access the UNC path \\Beaconserver\mgsRET$\Adoption\ndinstlr.exe. Being able to access that path is required in order for adoption using remote execution functionality from the beacon to work.

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Hi chris,

I am working to enable port 445 ,139 from target devices . shall share my update post that.