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FlexNet Manager integration with Infoblox?

Hi everyone, any one have experience doing FlexNet Manager integration with Infoblox (IP VLAN Management tool)?  Is there an existing connectors that we an use?

Appreciate any guidance / tips please.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I am not aware of an existing adapter. Could you describe what kind of data you would like to intregrate? I guess it might be about sites/subnets/discovered devices?

Also, do you know what the architecture of infoblox is? What kind of database is used, do they offer an API?

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Basically we would like to bring in the translation part of Infoblox which tell us exactly for a specific VLAN IP Address range to be at a specific physical location per se (e.g. = Level 22, Menara ExxonMobil, Kuala Lumpur, Central Region). Therefore when we extract data into a report, it can easily understood as to which IP VLAN segment at what location to help our local support team to get out there and better support our customers. Infoblox is using SQL as their core database. Not sure if there are a set of APIs from Infoblox. Does Flexera have a connectors which we can deploy here?

You can check the release notes for "compatibility with other products". Infoblox is not officially suported.

One option would be to use a FNMS Business Import to query the data form the Infoblox database and use it to update the location attribute in FNMS. Or you could try to copy the logic that Infoblox is applying (if this subnet, then that location) to create an import that does the same, but wihtout a connection between the tools.