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FlexNet Agent on Solaris Showing in All Inventory Not in Discovered Devices

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

There was a thread here discussing this but no conclusive answer was provided - Some Inventory Devices with Flexnet Agent Not Found in All Discovered Devices 

We are running FNM 2019 R2 currently at this customer and are seeing intermittent results for Solaris servers where the FlexNet Inventory Agent is installed. We have around 100 agents that show in All Inventory, but do not show in Discovered devices. Inherently this is not a major issue because the inventory details for this devices would be in All Inventory; however, we have some trackers where we export from Discovered Devices that we compare against known deployment lists to ensure we have deployed everywhere we need.

Additionally, for devices where there is Oracle Database it is convenient to access the discovered device > Status page and view the success/failure of the Oracle DB inventory there.

@mrichardson In the original post you mentioned that trigger to create a discovered device if there isn't one. It appears this is not working for us with 2019 R2.

Looking to see if anyone knows what may be happening here to not create the device to being with and also why that trigger would not be creating them from the inventory device.



- Dan

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I would be guessing here, but I suspect there is going to be some obscure condition in the data for these 100 inventory devices that means a "discovered device" record doesn't get created for them. The logic that identifies what inventory devices to create discovery device records for is somewhat selective. For example:

  • Only inventory devices with an IPv4 address that is not "" to "127.%" are included
  • Inventory devices with a type of "remote device", "mobile device" and "VDI template" are not included
  • Ignored inventory device are not included
  • There are some complexities when virtualization is involved which scare me (the data modelling for virtualized environments is always a bit scary! :-))

If you want to dive into the depth of the processing and try to trace the data through as it is processed, take a look at the SQL queries in the CreateDiscoveredDevicesFromInventory writer in the C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Writers\SyncDiscoveredDevice.xml file. I think you should be able to copy and paste the SQL from there into a SQL Server Management Studio window and execute it by hand, and inspect details appearing in the various temporary tables the procedure creates to see what may be happening for some of the computers in question here.

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@ChrisG Thank you Chris. This is a good starting point.