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FNMS2019 R2.2 - Powered by Technopedia Devices - more details please

Hello everyone,

the feature sounds very interesting to me, unfortunately it is currently only available for the cloud, but maybe it will find its way into the on-premise world 🙂

In general I would like to have a few more details on this topic - everything you have. But most important for me is to understand how the information (Manuf., Model. Product) is updated/normalized after the inventory import and the reconcilation. Do you update the FNMSCompliance DB each day, after these jobs where done?

Unfortunately there is no usable adapter for the on-prem solutions that normalizes these data from inventories/assets into FNMS and for all other relevant SAM data still uses the sources FNMS Agent and SCCM.

One of our approaches would have been to update the data in the table FNMSCompliance.ImportedComputers with the data from Technopedia before each reconcile, but this has to be done every time, because the data is overwritten on each import. This is another reason why I am interested in the solution used her.

Do you plan to add more data fields in the future - e.g. processor name

Thanks and Best, Dennis

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