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FNMS Inventory Agent Deployment

We deployed the Flexnet Inventory agent to 25k devices through a 3rd party push. The software push was successful but we are only seeing about 60% of the devices checking in. The push was to 11 geographical areas and all areas have some devices reporting. We are able to see on the logs that the devices failed to get its policy download but the device has failed to attempt a 2nd connection. Any ideas? Thank you.
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You can rerun the mgspolicy.exe with the -t machine flag. This will force a policy update. This will also help determine if the issue is network related. 

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Thank you, I checked the file location but all seems to be flowing in and out relatively quickly and no more than 5-6 files in folder at any given time.
By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Good Morning,

When addressing agent issues please check the following.

  1. Make sure the agent package contains the fully qualified name of the beacon.
  2. Can you resolve the fully qualified name of the beacon from the target device?
  3. Can your telnet over port 80 or 443 (depending on your configuration) from the target device to the beacon.
  4. If using https can you reach the default web site from the target device? Do you get cert errors?
  5. If the beacon is using IIS please review the IIS log. Search for the IP of the device your installing the agent on. (Any errors?)