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FNMS Custom Attribute -Validate against User table

Anyone have an approach/solution for validating that a person name (or ID) entered in a custom attribute is an active user in the User table?

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Hi K_Ritter,

For your custom field, have you thought about using a drop-down list that is populated by values from the 'Login' column in the [FNMSCompliance].[ComplianceOperator] table?

Creating an additional custom field as a Drop-Down List (UIFieldTypeID=8) is documented in the FNMS  "System Reference" document. The more interesting part is updating the options to be displayed when data in the [ComplianceOperator] table change.

It's a possibility.  The problem is the dropdown list would need to be populated with thousands of names.  Keeping it up to date as  people come and go will be a bit if a challenge as well.  I've got an idea which I was going to try for another attribute.  If that works out, I could use it here.  It would simplify things if FNMS had a lookup attribute that would pull from an existing table - such as the User table.

I think that attempting to create a Custom Field and maintaining it with a list of every UserID is not something that can realistically be maintained and would not be scalable.

I think that at present, the best you can do is to create a custom 'Audit Report' that lists all of the current values entered into this Custom Field and then compare this to the list of active Users.  For FNMS On-Premises, this would be possible in SQL, and for FNMS Cloud would be a bit more of a manual process.