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FNMS 2023R1 - Oracle GLAS Evidence File Generation has failed.

Hello Flexera Team,

Oracle GLAS Evidence File Generation has failed. Error: Step: Step 6 The archive exceeds the maximum length that can be saved in the FNML database (2165590083).

Any ETA, when this bug (ITAM-3158) will get resolved.

Thanks, Awadh

(4) Replies

Hello Awadh,

we just picked this up and are working on a solution?

We're trying to solve the problem in time for the FNMS 2023 R2 / November cloud release.

I was wondering if we have a a solution to this?

Hello @mloewenberg ,

Thank you so much for the update. Please confirm if this issue has been addressed in FNMS 2023 R2 release, so that we can plan FNMS upgrade accordinly.




According to FlexNet Manager Suite / Flexera One ITAM Known Issues its fix didn't make it into the 2023 R2 release.