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FNMEA Reprise Log Converter

I'm unable to get the FNMEA Reprise Log Converter to work. 

It doesn't appear to recognise or read the RLM_<isv>.properties file in the located in the root folder of the FNMEA agent installation on the server. I have recycled the FNMEA agent on the license server.

The log shows that some spurious information is written to the end of the command line which I'm unable to reconcile with anything in the installation or configuration. The command should have the Reprise ISV name as a command line modifier:

2021-16-08 09:25:10,177 DEBUG [Timer-20409]: Executing command: ["D:\FlexNET\FNMEA_Agent\jre\bin\java.exe" -jar "D:\FlexNET\RLMConverter\bin\rlmConverter.jar"\RepriseLogConverter.exe



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Community Manager

I think the "FNMEA Reprise Log Converter" that you're referring to here may be a custom component that somebody developed for you. There is nothing like this that is part of the FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications product itself.

You may need to work out where you got this component from and work with them on this query.

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