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Flexera beginner

Exporting vendor feature information


I want to export the vendor feature information from FlexNet Manager to a csv file. How can this be done on the lastest version of Flexnet Manager?

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Flexera dcollins

Re: Exporting vendor feature information

not sure if this helps but I know you can download "all vendors" as a csv by clicking on this button


is the vendor feature information something you can see within the webui? if it is can you take a screenshot? it may help identify where the information exists in the DB for a manual extraction (or if there is a download button hidden in plain sight etc)
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Flexera kclausen

Re: Exporting vendor feature information

@kalpana  - I assume that you question is in regards to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications and not FlexNet Manager Suite?



Flexera asalgia1

Re: Exporting vendor feature information

I did not find any way to export this information out of FNMEA. If you imported this information via xml import you would see that xml in the directory <data_dir>\vendorFeatureInfo\.
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Intrepid explorer

Re: Exporting vendor feature information

Cognos can be used to export almost any data to a CSV.     Starting with just the Vendor and Feature names you could create the following simple report layout:



But you could then add additional data such as the Feature Display Name, Category, Cost Factor, #Availability/usage of licenses over time etc.