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ExaData Oracle inventory in FNMS cloud

Hello Dear Community,

There is movement from standard linux and AIX vms to Exadata where all oracle products : DBs, components would be migrated to Exadata infrastructure and the DBAs are quite relunctant to have any form of an agent to inventory oracle datasets.

Has anybody on the community ever experienced such responses from Exadata stakeholders on the preference of no agent installation on Exadata boxes?

My other question would be - Would Zero touch discovery help retrieve the oracle inventory that a physical agent would do?

Thank you


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I'm working on the Exadata topic for one of my customers and an agent installation is also not allowed there.

For testing purposes we copied the latest inventory core components to a specific folder on the devices (VM, Bare Metal) and executed the data collection and inventory upload to a beacon manually. The result was good and delivered everything that's needed by FNMS.

We are still in communication with Exadata team how we can finally implement a regular inventory collection (local core components folder or remotely (zero footprint))



@alexander_frit  This is again real time feedback and information that I can make use of  - I will consider the options of zero touch or via core components scanning.

Thank you @alexander_frit  for sharing! Appreciate it!

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Here is some information that I was able to gather from our Engineering team regarding collecting inventory from Oracle Exadata infrastructure:

Exadata Storage Cells – the agent cannot be installed;
Since it is running a Linux OS you can use the standalone using a cron job or wrap it in a shell script without installing an inventory agent.

Exadata Hypervisor layer – the agent cannot be installed;
Flexera Inventory agent does not collect Linux Hypervisor (KVM) information today, the standalone inventory agent can schedule to run but will give inventory without virtualization inventory information. - We have an enhancement for this on the roadmap currently as a high priority to address this issue

Exadata VMs – the agent can be installed.

@JohnTech  This is absolutely rich information! I will work towards the next steps with our Exadata engineers. 

Appreciate the response!


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