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Re: Error on ILMT Integration

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The What Is an Inventory Beacon? > Prerequisites for Inventory Beacons online help topic may help if you are unsure about OLE drivers for DB2. This topic suggests:

Depending on your environment and requirements, either of the following is appropriate:

  • Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 Version 2.0 or later. For example, you may already have version 3 of the Microsoft OLE DB Provider which is supplied as part of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 RS Feature Pack, or you can download it from Be aware that this driver may require that you license Microsoft SQL Server on the inventory beacon, so this option is useful only in particular circumstances.
  • The OLE DB driver in the IBM Data Server Driver Package, which you can find thus:
    1. Start from, and in the DB2 Fix Packs section, click your preferred Fix Pack for the release of DB2 you have installed.
    2. Scroll down the Support page that appears, to the Download fix pack images per operating system section.
    3. As well as matching the operating system of your inventory beacon, be sure to match the platform: a 64-bit driver on a 64-bit platform, or a 32-bit driver on a 32-bit platform. Clicking the + above the appropriate headline expands additional links for that operating system and platform.
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Re: Error on ILMT Integration

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@ChrisG , @mfranz 

I have installed the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 to connect to the ILMT DB2 Database. But i still receive the same error.

This is the connection string:

Provider=DB2OLEDB;Password=32NpR&k^8-9M:nU*;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=ana\svc_flexera_ilmt;Data Source=TEMADB;Location=yyzilm1002:50000;Extended Properties=""

Am i missing anything?




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Re: Error on ILMT Integration

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Have you tried just saving the connection and then importing from it? The "test connection" function is somewhat problematic at times.

Also you could try to leave out unnecessary options from your connection string. For example, you don't seem to use any "Extended Properties", so why not leave that part out.

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Flexera ppuddick

Re: Error on ILMT Integration

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Please make sure you select the top option (number1: IBM Data Server Runtime Client)

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