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End-user email format

Hey there,

What is the supported format for a user to register to gain access to the end-user portal?

I have a customer who used the following : a-zA-Z0-9 and _+ 

they cannot save or delete those because they get the error 'email (...) is not valid'.

My assumption is the '+' is counted as a concatenation and meddle with email format, the '_' and '-' seems to work for others customers.


(2) Replies

@ptancre - This article may help.  While special characters are allowed, a special character cannot be the first or last character of the address.  It is likely that in your example, the '+' sign as the last character of the email address is causing the issue.

thank you @kclausen, I sent a case with support seems the function checking the format validity email is not the same on the end-user side and the Flexnet Operations.