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Either FNMS or SaaS manager coverage to manage Specific list of software or SaaS

Hi Flexera and Community members,

I would like to ask you about how FNMS or SaaS Manager cover following Vendor's SW or SaaS?

Name of VendorSoftwareFlexer Support to cover Y/N?TypeHow Support?(required Flexera Software Name)
IBMMaximo License 
SAPeWM License 
SopheonAccolade License 
Tobeway(Korean Vendor)TobeWay MDM License 
OracleEloqua SaaS 
SAPAriba SaaS 
SAPSuccess Factor SaaS 
ServiceNowITSM SaaS 
SFDC(Sales Force.Com)Sales Cloud SaaS 




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anyone who can help this?




Please create a support case regarding the required license registrations in the SKU/PURL libraries, and please make sure to include the SKU numbers for the licenses that isn't currently being recognized, i.e. IBM Maximo, SAP eWM, Sopheon Accolade and Tobeway MDM. If you also have evidence for these products from your environment then please also include it if you want it to be recognized by Flexera.

Salesforce and ServiceNow are already supported with direct integrations in SaaS Manager, please refer to

For Oracle Eloqua, SAP Ariba and SAP SuccessFactors please create another support case (enhancement request) in which you should also make sure to include expectations on which information you see being required in SaaS Manager through an integration.


Thank you for your answer.
As you mentioned, there would be 2 different kind of support case what customer need to create to put the sw recognition library and to integrate with SaaS managed application right?

All of them is free?

Where is managed application list? Is that all what link you provided above?



Yes please, two separate support cases for two different products.

Not sure, what you mean by your question: "All of them is free?", please would you mind elaborating?

The link I included references the SaaS apps for which Flexera SaaS Manager includes direct integrations, and all integrations would be included with the customer's subscription to SaaS Manager.

For FlexNet Manager the "managed application list" I would assume refers to the Application Recognition Library (ARL)? If yes, then please include the relevant unrecognized evidence in the support case raised for Flexera to add and maintain it going forward.


Thank you @gotqcorp for the input! I've added these to our list of integrations to be considered.

By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran


Our SaaS Manager direct integrations are listed here:

This is for API based integrations, and shows coverage. I'm not familiar with the sw titles or the license metrics you mention in the below list, but the principle is really to use FNMS for software installations (on-prem or Cloud) and SaaS Manager for SaaS applications that have no local presence and are typically only accessed via browser. Of course there are some "hybrid" SaaS applications, that have both (e.g. Microsoft 365), but the above is general best practice. For those you have listed as "license" if there is a relevant software installation in your environment, it may be the case to use FNMS.