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Disk size not reported from AWS EC2 Linux instances

Hi guys, 

Does anyone here gathers inventory from AWS instances using the agent?
I have the agent installed on various distros, and inventory collected from all of them shows Disk GB in WebUI as zero. 
Windows instances work OK. 

I have checked the logs on the Linux device and I can see following lines in tracker.log:
Thu Mar 14 10:37:39 2024 (G, 0)] {13391} Loaded LinuxPhysicalMemory provider for MGS_PhysicalMemory class
[Thu Mar 14 10:37:39 2024 (G, 0)] {13391} Loaded LinuxProcessor provider for MGS_Processor class
[Thu Mar 14 10:37:39 2024 (G, 0)] {13391} Loaded LinuxDiskDrive provider for MGS_DiskDrive class
[Thu Mar 14 10:37:39 2024 (G, 0)] {13391} Loaded LinuxBIOS provider for MGS_BIOS class

In the ndi file, however I'm not finding the MGS_DiskDrive class:

Hardware Class="MGS_Processor" Name="Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8259CL CPU @ 2.50GHz" Evidence="OS API">
<Property Name="CurrentClockSpeed" Value="2499"/>
<Property Name="Description" Value="Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8259CL CPU @ 2.50GHz"/>
<Property Name="L2CacheSize" Value="36608"/>
<Property Name="Manufacturer" Value="GenuineIntel"/>
<Property Name="MaxClockSpeed" Value="2499"/>
<Property Name="Name" Value="Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8259CL CPU @ 2.50GHz"/>
<Property Name="NumberOfCores" Value="1"/>
<Property Name="NumberOfLogicalProcessors" Value="2"/>
<Property Name="ProcessorId" Value="0"/>
<Property Name="Stepping" Value="7"/>
<Property Name="Version" Value="Model 85, Stepping 7"/>
<Hardware Class="MGS_BIOS" Name="Amazon EC2" Evidence="OS API">
<Property Name="Manufacturer" Value="Amazon EC2"/>
<Property Name="Name" Value="Amazon EC2"/>
<Property Name="ReleaseDate" Value="20171016T000000"/>
<Property Name="SerialNumber" Value="ec277212-ae35-dcf4-7dd6-30abf17699ed"/>
<Property Name="Version" Value="1.0"/>

Does anyone have idea what's going on?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Sample inventory data I have also does not show any disk drive information from EC2 instances running Linux operating systems. So I'm suspecting that the Linux FlexNet inventory agent does not gather that information in EC2 environments for some reason.

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

I can confirm that this is a bug and it has been logged with Engineering