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Disabling Upload Third Party Inventory Data

Hello Dear Community,

Is there a way I can firmly disable the data being uploaded to the cloud operations database for FNMS cloud. I did try disabling the scheduled tasks - despite that, I still see the data being uploaded as soon as the adapter completes execution.

Is there anything here that I am missing. We are presently testing a few integrations in UAT and would want to test the data integrity which is generated on the intermediate folder before this data is actually uploaded to the cloud



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Hi @Cloaky,

If you locate the connection within Inventory Systems on the FlexNet Beacon UI and click Edit, you will see a checkbox labelled 'Connection is in test mode (do not import results)'

The data will still be uploaded to the central servers in the Cloud, but will not be imported into the database, assuming that this option is enabled.

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@jjensen  This certainly helped! Thank you so much!