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Denote Concurrent vs. Node Locked Instances of an App in FNMS from FNMEA

Hello Everyone! My customer is trying to determine which uses for a set of  expensive applications are using node-locked licneses versus which are using license servers. I am thinking there may be a way to write a business adapter to feed FNMS with FNMEA data to show which machines are definitely using concurrent licenses. Can anyone offer any lessons learned or pointers before we dive in? thanks!

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I am not familiar with the exact data provided by FNMEA. If it does make sense for your customers use case, e.g.

  • identifying license metrics
  • identifying related users/devices

... then you should be able to use that in a business import.

I see one problem: concurrent use (device or user based) can change within minutes. FNMS is more of a snapshot approach. So you'll have to chose a specific time/frequency when data is imported and it will only be (relatively) valid for a short time. I am not sure what is the actual added value here.

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I believe that the real need here is to try to determine which workstations have actually used a license off of a server, leaving the rest as either - never been used OR using node-locked licenses. I think that the key with this for the customer is to narrow down the aperture to hunt down remaining node-locked. they have a very static configuration that forces license servers instead of node-locked where ever possible.

Ok, I think I got it. They use a mix of concurrent licensing and assigned (device/user) licenses and they cannot tell which user/machine falls under which model right now, correct?

In theory, you can use FNMEA and get the list of Computers that are requesting a license check out, and therefore is not using a Node-Locked license.

The next step would be to use FNMS/ITAM to get the list of Computers where the application is installed.

The third step would be to compare the 2 lists.  You would then have to make an assumption that any computer where the product is installed and is NOT checking out a license has a Node-Locked license.  

The last step is to create a Software License Entitlement in FNMS/ITAM for that product with a license metric of Node-Locked.  You would then Allocate the list of computers who appear to be using the node-locked method to this License to create license consumption.