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Deallocate license on a device not taken into account


I'm looking to remove a Red Hat license and transfer it to a Red Hat Datacenter license.
So I tried to remove the license from the device by clicking 'deallocated' and assigned the Datacenter license to the device with 'allocated' . As a result, the device appears in consumption twice. On the Red Hat license and the Red Hat Datacenter license. I can't remove it from the other license. How can I do it correctly please?

Thank you. 

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Have you run a full reconcile after making the change?


So you see the same device on the Consumption tab of the 2 licenses?  One of the licenses shows as "Allocated" and on the other license it shows as "Unallocated"?

Which license has actual consumption?

Do both licenses have the same base application(s) and Upgrade/Downgrade rights?

What is the License Metric?