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Creating a Harvesting Report in FNMS

Hello everyone,

Can someone educate me on a way I can figure out how to create a report (for my customer) that will recommend licenses for harvesting.


Column 1: License Name
Column 2: Edition
Column 3: Version
Column 4: Last Log on User
Column 5: Last Date License was used
Column 6: Device Name
Column 7: Serial Number
Column 8: Asset tag
Column 9: Last device was inventoried

I should then be able to group by a column header to group by any of the previous mentioned columns.

Additionally, a 30, 60, 90 day filter would make things even better.

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2 Replies

Most of the fields you mention are available in the existing report "Application Installation Details". This is located under Reports - License Compliance - Applications. Usage is tracked against the application rather than the license.

Thank you! I'll give it a look.