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Completed PO in Deferred Purchases


looking at the view for Deferred Purchases, I find purchases that has been linked to a license container. Any idea how that is possible considering when you process an unprocessed purchase and thereby link to a license container, the purchase is supposed to show up in Processed Purchases and not in Deferred Purchases. The history tab don´t show any notification that would indicate moving the PO to Deferred Purchases.

Anyone have an idea of how this is possible?



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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Cenevoldsen,

Could you give a little more info? When you process the Purchase, you can see (1) the Purchases tab in the License container (2) the Purchase moves into Processed Purchases? Then does it go to Deferred without any action? or is it in both Deferred and Processed? This sounds strange.
Were there any changes to the License Container itself and are all the dates in the License and purchases current or past (not future). Also, have you (or team) ever manually set the purchase to Deferred? 


Hi and thanks for your prompt reply 🙂

This is a past purchase that was processed using the "process unprocessed purchases". So it should go to Processed Purchases. This was back in 2013. Today I see the PO in Deferred Purchases. I can see the Licenses tab in the PO and I can see the Licenses tab in the License Container.

Please see attached for reference.