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Classification of remote Devices

Would like to know how the remote devices are fetched by the Flexera and like to know how we can prepare report on the Remote devices.

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Community Manager

Remote device records are most commonly created based on data imported from Citrix, although could be created from inventory sources too if you have specialized inventory connectors configured to bring in relevant data.

You can use the Inventory > Virtual Devices > Remote Devices page in the UI to report on remote devices.

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yes, we can see in the path which u shared but only limited fields we can be able to add in that especially we are unable to add the VDI Template Name from which source these are mapped and running the environment and unable to create list software installations. in these remote devices  


Please be aware that remote device records can be created when a user is found to have accessed a virtualized application from a device not included in your corporate inventory devices (such as a home computers or mobile devices). I.e., there's not necessarily a VDI template to refer back to...


@Lvenkatesh - I agree with the above response. Remote devices are created for multiple different technologies, for example, through o365 usage data if the o365 subscription was accessed on a mobile device, from AppV usage data if you are using AppV Import. For more information on Remote Devices, please refer to this article -



@Alpesh_Gohil @JohnSorensenDK @ChrisG  i agree that the remote devices are from various categories Flexera will fetch them as per non inventory VM. I'm trying to find whether we can be able to prepare or there is any prefetch reports in Flexera one with all device properties and licensed details for the tracking of this devices as i have commented in above might be some are from Citrix and Some are from Xen app if we can be able to get the device properties in report will be useful to find the root and mitigate the consumption issue.

@Lvenkatesh : Have you tried looking at the 'Remote Devices' view? It will give information about all the Remote Devices, no matter where they are coming from. The view is discussed in the link I shared in my previous comment.


@Alpesh_Gohil yes, the view shows only list of devices I would like to make the reports on the remote devices where we can see the root of device and list of applications in it