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Cisco Webex Integration

We have FNMS 2019 R1 On-Premises.

We need to Integrate Cisco Webex Enterprise license with Flexera. How can we do this ?

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Hi @msutharh 

Thanks for posting peculiar requirement and hope Flexera will add it to its roadmap if its not yet available




By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I am not familiar with the "Cisco Webex Enterprise license". Could you please describe the underlying metric and what is currently  blocking you from using existing FNMS options?

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Doing the same here.

going to get regular user list exports from the Management portal. Will have to write a business adapter to assign the users to the appropriate license. 


We have Webex Enterprise Edition License for around 2k users

Client have their cisco dashboard for  license which shows them the consumption

I want that consumption to get fetch from their portal

@ntharkar - Assuming that this is some type of "User-Based" license metric, you will need to extract the list of users that are consuming against the license from the Cisco Dashboard and import that list of user into FlexNet Manager with a Business Adapter and "allocate" those users to the Cisco WebEx license in FlexNet.