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Can you see a servers OS version in Flexera?

We are trying to figure out if Flexera is passing the OS version of a server back to our Service Now environment.  We can't physically locate where within the console that we can view a specific OS version on a specific version.

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Hello @ellie_Katz 

If your question is asking whether FNMS is able to tell 'device'/'server' installed OS version, Then yes certainly as long as the OS title in the ARL exists and matched with the OS evidence from your computers. The application of that OS title will report the installation. See sample screenshot below


Therefore OS recognition is same as all other software recognition , they exist in the ARL. If your expected server is not seeing that OS application title in the list, it will be similar to one of your other thread




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Looking at a basic FNMS to ServiceNow Export I can see that the Operating System column (cmdb_ci_computer.os record) is populated in the cmdb_ci_computer table, but it appears that the OS Version column (cmdb_ci_computer.os_version record) is not populated.