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Building SAP Transaction Profile for Professional and Employee User Type

I’m supporting customer so that customer identify and optimize assigned SAP user based on transaction profile match for Professional, Limited Professional and Employee user type.
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@smsh73 - Welcome to Flexera Community! Thanks for sharing some info on how you are using the FlexNet tool.

Is this working for you? Do you have any questions that other people in the Community may be able to help you with?

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We are looking to use SAP Transaction Profile functionality to update license type based on consumption.   Are the list of SAP transactions and their categorization (Create/Edit/Delete vs Display) provided by Flexera?  If not, is there a trusted source to leverage?  Did Flexera provide some general rules to start with?  What rules did you use for each type of NUL?

Unfortunately, does a list of all TCODEs matching a license type as a trusted source not exist.

This is a mixture of experience, common business practice, the current contract the customer is on and negotiation suggestions.

FlexNet Manager for SAP® Applications offers functions to build the transaction profiles very fast with intelligent logic. Our experienced Professional Service team with license experts can support with it.

Hi, we are using FNMS for SAP. can you please let me know how to build the transaction profiles per license type?

Smith Lee


there are wo ways to add contains to a transaction profile.

  1. Menu -> Transaction profile: Create and add the items manually.
  2. Menu -> Consumption analysis: Double click on a user to see the objects he executed. From this list you can mark entries and in ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Transaction profile’ add the entries to an existing or a new transaction profile.

Once you have the transaction profile created, you can use them in the license assignment rules related to transaction profiles like Transaction profile by percentage, Transaction profile by maximum object types used or Transaction profile by maximum objects used.