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Best practices for more than 1 Beacon

Hey there - I chose this forum instead of Flexera One because we haven't switched over yet.

Three months ago I added a second beacon and registered it with FNMS and it's working to split the load on the Agent inventory reports.

Is there any documentation for best practices though?

Example - should I split the business adapters between the two of them?  (We have about 5)

The first (oldest) beacon has all the subnets assigned to it - should those be split?

Thanks in Advance


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


What exactly is it, you want to achieve? Do you want to reduce the load by agents delivering inventory?

In this case you'll need a load balancer. Some Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Reverse Proxies can provide similar functionality. You'll also need to register the "frontend" address as a beacon, so agents will start reporting to it.

Have you tried widening the inventory window in the inventory settings?

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Also Flexera has in the newer version the option to create targets and to assign it to a beacon. You can create targets on subnets if you want, and practically you will force the agent to send the data to the designated beacon.