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Best Practices - CommVault Applications

Hi - we have had a business relationship with CommVault for many years but have treated them as Tier 3.  We have some bandwidth now and are trying to reduce the unlicensed installations in our environment.

We have purchases dating back to 2012 for CommVault.  The SKU was submitted to, and processed by, the Flexera Content Team.   That covers the custom metric license for "x" TB of managed storage.  However, we have a whole raft of locally installed CommVault applications that are entitled as well.  We have license export from the CommVault console, and we see that the list shows they are all licensed for unlimited usage.  (However the application names are not a fit to the names of the applications FNMS inventory agent detects).

We are considering creating a "dummy license" of type Enterprise and associating it with the initial 2012 purchase.  That dummy license would contain all these extraneous applications with unlimited upgrade/downgrade rights.  We would then do something similar, I suspect, for the annual maintenance.

Does anyone have any better suggestions for how to approach this topic?

Example SKUs: SB-C-DPE-1T, SB-C-DAE-1T

Export from console attached


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