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Automatically Disabling an Operator If There's Been No Login In the Past XX Days - Possible?

Hi all ...

Is it possible to automatically disable an operator's access if the operator hasn't logged into FNMS for some pre-determined amount of time, say 30 days for the sake of this discussion?

I see that the ComplianceOperator table has the field "isEnabled" which could be set to 0 to disable the operator (and is likely the field changed when you enable / disable users through the UI).  The issue then becomes how do you determine when the last login for that operator was.  Does Flexera store login info anywhere?


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Mark,

ComplianceOperatorAudit has some login data:

SET co.IsEnabled = 0
FROM ComplianceOperator co
JOIN ComplianceOperatorAudit coa
	ON co.ComplianceOperatorID = coa.ComplianceOperatorID
WHERE DATEDIFF(DAY, coa.LastActive, GETDATE()) > 30

 Best regards,