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Allocations in the Consumption Tab of License

Environment: FlexNet 2019R2 on-prem

Hello Everyone!

I need some noodle power from all of you regarding allocating for a dynamic thin client.

Has anyone ran into this scenario before? Any best practices?

Should my customer allocate the host?

If I am understanding this correctly, the thin client name and address changes depending on what is available on the host at the time of the login.

I understand the allocations is giving top priority to the license to whatever is marked with "Allocated".



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@jhanes - Can you provide the Use Case on why you would want to allocate a Thin Client to a license?  They typically do not have any software installed on them.

If this is related to the access of a Virtual Desktop/Streaming Application or access to a Virtual Desktop (VDI), then a better approach is integration to those technologies.  At the present time, we have integration to the following:
1) Citrix Virtual Applications (formerly XenApp)
2) Citrix Virtual Desktops (formerly XenDesktop)
3) Microsoft App-V

By Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion


If they know the applications provided in this scenario and devices and users, an allocation approach seems legit. And it could be easier than messing around with file evidence data from XenApp (or whatever technology is used).

Is there any system allowing or preventing access, maybe based on groups, perhaps AD? That would be the way to automate things.

Depending on the licensing models this can be easier (user) or more complex (device). You're right, these allocations are usually prioritized by the reconciliation engine.

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