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Agent Schedule Explanation

Good day

I have a customer that would like to know how the Agent Schedule works. For e.g. They have set the agent schedule to start at 8am daily and commences with 7 hours. They want to understand that process.

Can someone please explain as to how this process ideally works in abit of detail.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


You basically define a time window, all the agents in your network will work with. This is done to avoid all the agents running at the same time to spread the CPU/IO/network load over time. Agents will receive these settings from the Beacon/App server and randomize their inventory time based on it.

In your example, agents will pick a random time between 8 AM and 3 PM. There are additional triggers involved, e.g. to follow up the last scan if the scan window was missed and stuff like that.

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@mfranz  - Understood and that is made clear to me. Thanks!

Just on the topic of schedules  why would the policy.log file show e.g. starting at 00:00am and the another at 12:00pm. Is there a schedule or task that runs the policy.


I think logs are written in the local time of the client. So depending on the location and settings on the client, values can differ from what is set up in the Web UI.

To get some more details about the inventory schedule settings and how they work, view the online help from the inventory settings page when you configure the settings. That will take you to the following online help page: Inventory Agent Schedule.

Schedule settings for updating agent policy are fixed (not configurable). I don't remember the details of when it runs - it might be something like once or twice a day.

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