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Access to Flexera SKU Library

Hello All, Is there a way to have access to the Flexera SKU library for major publishers like Microsoft, IBM, Adobe etc., to enable us in the purchase data onboarding process. We have noticed in some cases the SKU's available Adobe in the public domain (e.g. Adobe) is not recognized by Flexera. Regards, Rithu
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The SKU Library is currently classified as Flexera Intellectual Property and open access is currently not available.  Even when you have FNMS On-Premises, the SKU and Product Use Rights library content in the SQL database is encrypted.


You may also want to ask Flexera's content team to add the Adobe SKU's missing to its libraries, please refer to How to Suggest Changes to the ARL SKU Library or PURL? 


There is an enhancement request in the Ideas portal for a Product SKU Library Research Portal. You can view and vote on that Idea at the link below:

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Thank you everyone. Much appreciated.