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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

What's new in this ARL and Service Life Data Pack release

1. Almost 300 new applications were added.

  • The Number of applications across the top 10 publishers are:
Publisher Number of Applications
Oracle 120
Red Hat 33
Bohemian B.V. 32
KNX Association 28
Siemens 15
Microsoft 10
Thomson Reuters 10
Azul Systems 8
Hexagon 5
Standard & Poor's 5
  • This includes more than 800 new evidence entries. 
  • 11 commercial applications have been updated with lifecycle dates.
  • 10 publishers have been updated to their current acquirer.
  • Release includes optimizations for Oracle user collection process.
  • Software titles for Java 11 and 12 have been added to the library in preparation for the upcoming product release with enhanced agent.

 2. Library Totals

  • Number of applications in the library: 282,752 across 17,434 publishers
  • Number of applications with EOSL dates in the library: 31,794 commercial applications

3. Inspecting details of changes in the ARL

You can inspect changes made in this week’s ARL release as per the following links:


 4. The regular schedule for ARL and Service Life Data Pack updates

We expect the next ARL and Service Life Data Pack updates to be available on May 9, 2019.  The libraries are available as soon as published and are updated daily via the Recognition Data Import task, or as otherwise reflected in your local configuration. FlexNet Manager cloud will be updated over the following weekend in time for the start of your business day on the morning of (May 13, 2019), in your time zone.

5. How do I report issues with ARL and Service Life Data Pack updates?

Should you have any issues related to application recognition with FNM, please send an email to your regular Flexera support address:

The Flexera knowledge base can be accessed from the Flexera Community website.  

We trust that you will find this update helpful, and look forward to continually improving your application recognition results.



ARL Team