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Flexnet Connect 2015 R2 SP1 Resolved Issues

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SummaryFNC 2015R2 was released on 12/8/2016. This article lists the issues which have been resolved in this release.SynopsisFNC 2015R2 was released on 12/8/2016. This article contains a list of resolved issues.DiscussionThe following is a list of res...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Error When Registering Product with Client UI

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SummaryWhen registering a product on a non US English locale, an error stating "Couldn't find/load the 'locale' catalog for locale '' " is displayed.SymptomsWhen attempting to register a new product/version on a machine where the system locale is not...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Unable to Save Server-Side Conditions

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SummaryDue to an issue with the publisher site, it is not possible to save server side conditions.. This article provides a fix for the issue.SymptomsWhen attempting to configure Server-Side Conditions for an update, the settings are lost upon saving...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Newly Created Update Does Not Display for Windows Agent

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SummaryIn Flexnet Connect 2015, changes were made to how an update type is identified. The product/update type is now identified at the update level, rather than at the product level.. If the update is not flagged with the correct type, then it will...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

FlexNet Connect Client Does Not Show Update or Messages for Product

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SummaryThe FlexNet Connect U client does not appear when checking for updates of a registered product.SynopsisWhen attempting to use the UI client (FlexNetConnectClient.exe) nothing is displayed when the show notification parameter, -sn, is used. The...
by ctang Pilgrim

Is VirtualBox VM detection possible?

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SummaryThis article will explain if VirtualBox VM detection possible in the FlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 & FlexNet Connect 2015 C XT toolkit.QuestionIs VirtualBox VM detection possible?AnswerFlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 only supports detection on the followi...
by Flexera jmcmillan Flexera

How Do I Enable Demographics Data?

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SummaryThis article will explain how to enable the demographics data in the Publisher site (PMP) for On-Premise customers.QuestionHow Do I Enable Demographics Data?AnswerIn the Publisher (PMP) site the demographics data can be switched on by navigati...
by Flexera jmcmillan Flexera

Using a DropBox URL for Flexnet Connect Updates

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SummaryIn order to use a DropBox URL for the download property of an update, the download URL needs to be specified in a specific format.. This article provides an overview of what is required.SynopsisThe Flexnet Connect Client will generally be able...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Download Failed

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SummaryThis article will explain how to overcome a 'Download Failed' error when checking for updates.SymptomsWhen checking for updates with the agent.exe using the following command line:agent.exe -sn{F8C68CD6-1317-4C1E-B554-B9325DADBA91}, appmenuThe...
by Flexera jmcmillan Flexera

Flexnet Connect 2017 R3 Known Issues

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SummaryThis is a list of FNC 2017 R3 known issues.SynopsisThis article provides a listing of known issues in FlexNet Connect 2017 R3.DiscussionThere are no known issues at this time.
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera