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Log4j vulnerability impact on FlexNet Connect

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Summary: Several vulnerabilities have been reported in the Apache Log4j library. This article discusses the impact of the following vulnerabilities on FlexNet Connect: Log4j 2.x: CVE-2021-45105 CVE-2021-45046 CVE-2021-44228 Log4j 1.x: CVE-202...
by Revenera Community Admin cvirata Revenera Community Admin

Error When Registering Product with Client UI

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SummaryWhen registering a product on a non US English locale, an error stating "Couldn't find/load the 'locale' catalog for locale '' " is displayed.SymptomsWhen attempting to register a new product/version on a machine where the system locale is not...
by Level 12 Flexeran CharlesW Level 12 Flexeran

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