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Error When Registering Product with Client UI

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SummaryWhen registering a product on a non US English locale, an error stating "Couldn't find/load the 'locale' catalog for locale '' " is displayed.SymptomsWhen attempting to register a new product/version on a machine where the system locale is not...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Is VirtualBox VM detection possible?

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SummaryThis article will explain if VirtualBox VM detection possible in the FlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 & FlexNet Connect 2015 C XT toolkit.QuestionIs VirtualBox VM detection possible?AnswerFlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 only supports detection on the followi...
by jmcmillan Flexera Alumni

How Do I Enable Demographics Data?

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SummaryThis article will explain how to enable the demographics data in the Publisher site (PMP) for On-Premise customers.QuestionHow Do I Enable Demographics Data?AnswerIn the Publisher (PMP) site the demographics data can be switched on by navigati...
by jmcmillan Flexera Alumni