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Flexnet Connect 2015 R2 SP1 Resolved Issues

Flexnet Connect 2015 R2 SP1 Resolved Issues


FNC 2015R2 was released on 12/8/2016. This article lists the issues which have been resolved in this release.


FNC 2015R2 was released on 12/8/2016. This article contains a list of resolved issues.


The following is a list of resolved issues in App Portal 2015 SP1
Issue Number Issue Description
FNC-8998Corrected display of French language in Google Chrome for On-Premise users.
FNC-9157Updated the C XT and .NET XT API Guides with the correct description of the Security Type property in the Notification Interface Reference.
FNC-9185Calling Dispose on one IConnect object no longer causes other IConnect objects to stop functioning.
FNC-9193When using the .NET SDK, modified timestamps are now preserved when performing a sync.
FNC-9261Corrected display of extended ASCII characters in Update titles and descriptions.
FNC-9324Corrected CMP download location during sync to reflect the location on the CMP.
FNC-9326When data is synced from PMP to CMP with auto-publish enabled and Displayed HTML Page set to none or other, the message is now displayed with an active status after the sync.
FNC-9339Additional details URL no longer changed to ?other? when editing an existing update.
FNC-9444Corrected problem with delivering updates if the Title/Description contained an umlaut (ü).
FNC-9445When setting proxy information from a command line, user can now
include special characters by escaping with a backslash (\).
FNC-9446Exception is no longer thrown when viewing device viewer data on the
update history tab using a browser set to another language.
FNC-9447Enabling logging level of WARN_AND_ERROR now sets the correct level of logging, preventing excessive log file size.
FNC-9457Input is no longer lost after using navigation pane when modifying an
FNC-9460During a new message creation, when specifying a URL for the other typeof displayed HTML page, the https protocol is now supported.
FNC-9462USUpdate.expressions property now correctly returns regular expressions.
FNC-9487Performance problems with createUpdate, createUpdateMP,
createMessage, and createMessageML web service calls has been
FNC-9509Corrected download issues for files larger than 2GB.
FNC-9515Pausing a download then starting the same download on a second
instance will now cause the second instance to fail with a message that the target download is currently in use.

Additional Information

The full release notes for FNC 2015R2 SP1 can be downloaded here.
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